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"The contrasts and fluid movements within each piece resonate with my energy. It's more than just a visual statement—it's a conversation starter"

Romana is an award-winning artist based in Prague whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, as well as in Italy, England, France and the USA.

When creating her artworks, the author dances with abstraction and lets herself be guided by expressionism. Colors are her duet partners on the canvas, where emotions splash and swirl in a raw, unfiltered display. In her paintings, she conveys uncensored emotions and uses expressionistic strokes to direct the viewer's mind to the deeper and unexplored. Dark and light hues clash and embrace, while only seemingly haphazard splashes hint at precious moments amid the clutter. She plays with texture and contrast to explore the depths of feelings. All of this is tempting for the viewer's interpretation and emotional connection. Her works are a visual symphony reflecting inner dialogues, a testimony to the chaos and beauty of introspective thoughts.

Latest exhibitions and Events

2024 - Balance a Setkání, Bncounter and balance, Prague

2024 - Woman's Essence, Roma, Italy

2023 - Solo exhibition, Gallery Sue Ryder, Prague,

2023 - the 33rd Issue of Spotlight, Contemporary Art Magazine,Circle Foundation for the Arts

2022 - 場と心 - Place and Heart, Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu, Kamakura, Japan

2022 - MvVOArt AD Art Show, Oculus Westfield World Trade Centre, New York, United States
2022 - Woman's Essence 2022, Gallery 24B, Paris, France
2022 - London Contemporary Art Faire, THE LINE Contemporary Art Space, London, GB
2021 - CONTEMPORARY VENICE / THE ROOM contemporary Art Space, Venice, Italy
2021 - WE CONTEMPORARY art show / Foundation Salmgasse Vienna - Vienna Austria
2021 - The Art of Energy / Art Rubikon / solo exhibition - Olomouc, Czechia

2021 Dante Alighieri, International Prize - Nominated - Palermo, Italy

2021 Cover, magazine font
2020 - DressME 2020 International Contemporary Art exhibition / Milan - online - Milan, Italy
2020 - Woman Essence Show Roma / Palazzo Velli Expo - Roma, Italy,
2020 - Paintings Romana Jelínková / Exhibition Ground - Lysa nad Labem, Czechia

2019 - We contemporary 2019 / Topic salon, Czechia

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